Multi-Level Marketing: A Heart-Centered Approach

Multi-level marketing has gotten a negative reputation for many reasons. Everywhere we go, someone is selling the next life-changing skin care line, oil product line, weight loss shake, along with everything in between. People are blowing up our phones and Social Media accounts with the same beautiful message, “You don’t want to miss out on this opportunity! I’m going somewhere amazing and I want to take you with me.” As consumers, we immediately become turned off and never want to hear another word about these products. What’s even worse is that we can find ourselves losing respect for the salespersons completely. Their entire identity is changed in our minds. They become known as the “vitamin guy” or “skin care lady” and we no longer want anything to do with them or any product they represent, or at least that’s the way I’ve felt for a long time.

As a business consultant who owns a wellness education company, I probably receive the “next best thing” email at least 3 times per week on average. I was completely “over” it and wanted no part of any of these so-called schemes. Then, I fell in love with a product that was only available through multi-level marketing (MLM). It happened to be a wellness product that literally had better ingredients than the healthy food options we have in stores. It helped me lose weight, increase my energy, and completely detoxified my system of food addictions. The products left me craving healthy food and feeling even better than ever. I had a passion for sharing these products but was extremely skeptical of network marketing.

I loved everything about this company and this product, so I decided to sign up on my own terms. I was led to a team that truly inspired me and whose leader was one of the world’s most authentic, heart-centered leaders. Immediately after joining the company and the amazing team, a advocare find a distributor light bulb went off in my head. It wasn’t the businesses or the products that are being offered by MLM, but the approach some of the sales people took that turned me off. I decided as a business consultant that it’s important for me to understand all business models because of my passion for teaching authentic heart-centered business to my clients, so I decided to put my best foot forward and truly work the business in a heart-centered way. In eight short weeks, I’ve rank advanced 3 times and hit a milestone within the company that only 10 percent of its representatives ever achieve; this is why I believe I will have amazing success with this company and how I will approach it from my heart.

1. I don’t push my product or service on everyone. If I strongly believe it will help you, I will share it with you. If it’s not your time, I’ll simply be there when you are ready.

2. I educate my clients before I sell or push my products. I don’t approach them as if I’m on a train that might leave them behind.

3. I don’t stand by products to make money. I stand by the ones that are going to truly save the world; the money I earn is an added bonus.

4. I begin by researching the company: How long have they been around? Are the founders business professionals, doctors, or scientists? What does the Better Business Bureau say about this company? If it’s a nutritional product what does the nutritional guide say about it?

5. I do not think I’m better than anyone that chooses not to do my business. This business is not for everyone and I don’t act like it is.

6. My up-line is honest and heart-centered. I desire for them to be as successful as me, so I work hard for them. I trust them to help me make the best decisions for me, not just for them.

7. My team leader does not treat me less than anyone on the team. He treats us all equal and checks in to ensure that we are reaching our goals.

8. I get excited to reach goals, not because of the money but because I know it elevates my entire team.

9. I create events to educate my clients about the products but I give them other options if the products are not right for them.

I honestly feel that MLM can be very lucrative as a full-time business, part time addition to existing business, or something you do on the side. If this business model can be shared in an authentic, heart-centered way instead of being ran on lies and pushy tactics, it literally can change the economy as we know it today.

If you are interested in starting or growing a heart-centered business, I always offer a free 30-minute strategy session so that you can hit the ground running. I have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs from all over the world create and grow numerous types of businesses.

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Chocolate Nutrition Facts – InfoBarrel

Everybody has their own favorite type of chocolate, but unfortunately not all chocolates are created with the same health benefits. Read on to see the 24 hour advocare challenge nutrtional facts about your favorite chocolate, if this isn’t what you are looking for we also have this page full of chocolate facts.Milk ChocolateMilk chocolate is probably the most consumed chocolate on the planet, and is the favorite amongst Americans.

Ingredients: Sugar, cocoa butter, full cream milk powder, cocoa liquor, lecithin, vanillin. Cocoa min. 31.5%.

Milk Chocolate Nutritional Facts:

Serving Size 1oz. or 28.6g Calories 157 Protein 1.7g Total Fat 10g Saturated Fat 6g Cholesterol 5g Fiber 0.57g Carbohydrates 15.44g Sugars 15.15g Sodium 26.8mg Potassium 98mg Calcium 52mg Vitamin E 128mg Riboflavin 84mg

White ChocolateAccording to the FDA, white chocolate is not even technically a chocolate. According to the FDA, chocolate must contain cocoa liquor in order to fall into the chocolate family. nonetheless, here is all the nutritional facts about white chocolate.

Ingredients: Sugar, full cream milk powder, cocoa butter, lecithin, vanillin. Cocoa min. 27%.

White Chocolate Nutritional Facts

Serving Size 1oz. or 28.6g Calories 162 Protein 2g Total Fat 10.58g Saturated Fat 6.57g Cholesterol 8.58g Fiber 0 Carbohydrate 14.87g Sugars 14.87g Sodium 31mg Potassium 97mg Calcium 78mg Vitamin E 147mg Riboflavin 118mg

Dark ChocolateIf you are going to pick any chocolate to eat on a daily basis, I would highly recommend picking Dark chocolate as it has the most health benefits of all the other chocolate options. Dark chocolate contains a very high dose of antioxidants as well as offering many other health benefits.

Ingredients: Cocoa liquor, sugar, cocoa butter, lecithin, vanillin. Cocoa min. 53.5%.

Dark Chocolate Nutritional Facts

Serving Size 1oz.or 28.6g Calories 150 Protein 1.7g Total Fat 10g Saturated Fat 6g Cholesterol 0.28g Fiber 3.14g Carbohydrate 13.15g Sugars 12.58g Sodium 29.5mg Potassium 153mg Calcium 9.1mg Vitamin E 102.49mg Riboflavin 32.3mg

How you can clean laminate flooring in your house

Maintain throw rugs before entries to protect against water hopping on the floor from damp or muddy boots and also pet dogs.|Source

Do away with the Streaks on Laminate Flooring

You’ve bought that beautiful laminate floor covering as well as now it becomes a streaked mess when you clean it. Now you’re wondering exactly what you must do. Even some of the purchased cleaners will certainly trigger the same smeared looking mess. Help is on the way. I dealt with the exact same trouble, yet discovered the remedy. Keep reading for the recommendations you have to eliminate the trouble.

Our laminate floor covering featured the guidelines to cleanse it with only warm water. Because we have 2 pet dogs, I really did not feel this was hygienic. In the kitchen, the floor got a bit greasy and plain warm water simply didn’t do the job. I’m visiting discuss a homemade cleaner that works. The instructions are listed below.

I started browsing for risk-free methods to clean my laminate floorings. Besides this problem, we opted for a darker color and dog hair appears dreadful on it. So, I started trying out.

You must attempt this. It is a smart idea to try an area that doesn’t reveal first as well as see if it is safe for your floors. It functions fine on mine as well as comes highly suggested by others.

Words of Caution

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Never leave a laminate floor damp. Constantly eject the mop till it is nearly dry. Leaving water on the floor covering will certainly cause it to warp

Do not use regular floor cleaners, consisting of oil soaps or any kind of product that states it will certainly offer shine. It could ruin the shiny finish.

Do not utilize waxes as well as polishes. The floor will certainly turn out a smeary mess as well as you might have issues eliminating them later.

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Don’t make use of ammonia or any kind of item having it. Ammonia could harm the finish of your flooring

Never make use of a steam mop. It isn’t really advised for laminate and it can cause the floors to warp, sometimes immediately. Several claim that it additionally leaves the floorings streaked.

Do wipe up liquid spills immediately. It isn’t really helpful for anything damp to lay on the floor.It could cause warping. Mop up after people or pets tracking in snow, rainfall or mud promptly for the exact same factor.

Do keep sand swept up. Laminate floor covering is difficult, however sand gradually can scratch it.

Do maintain felt pads under the legs of furniture. This will assist secure the floor.

Make certain to check the suppliers suggestions for cleaning up the floors.

Constantly utilize a tidy wipe. If you don’t, you’ll have streaks.

Things You’ll Need to Clean in window cleaning

A vacuum or dust wipe is had to have to tidy up dirt and dirt before you start. A broom will certainly work as well.

A clean wipe or a a rag to clean the floor. A routine capture wipe will certainly work fine if you maintain the water wrung out completely. I prefer to make use of the Rubbermaid Reveal if the flooring isn’t as well unclean, because it has two cleanable pads that can be washed. It additionally has a container to hold the water as well as cleaner. When the floor is sloppy, you must utilize a regular mop.

You’ll need water and also a pail, if you’re not making use of a product like the Reveal.

Just how to insure your janitorial or building company and equipment versus losses

Contractor’s Equipment Industry Results

Underwriting outcomes are quite intermittent and have the tendency to mirror the economic conditions of an offered area. When the building and construction sector is stagnant, profits quickly weaken due to reduced premiums and rises in burglary and criminal damage losses.

Any kind of Company, such as janitorial business wishing to be a market for construction classes must try to find well set up, monetarily sound contractors that show a genuine interest in reducing losses. Along with appropriate danger variety, pricing of each account must effectively mirror the fundamental loss capacity if a Company is to recapture lengthy term earnings for this class of business.

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Service provider’s Equipment Coverage Form

This Inland Marine coverage is a non-ISO (“uncontrolled”) course which obtains its qualification from the “Commercial Property Floater Risks” Section of the 1976 Nation Wide Marine Definition.

Insurance coverages
The basic insurance coverage form offers wide coverage on owned and operated tools, with an option for supplying insurance coverage on equipment leased or rented from others. Had tools is either UNSCHEDULED (generally tiny sorts of tools, such as tools valued at much less than $2,000 per item) or SCHEDULED, which can contain any type of other qualified tools. Coverage for equipment leased or rented, on a short term basis, from others is an alternative which covers all such devices subject to an optimum restriction each product displayed in the announcements. Equipment leased for even more than a month each time must normally be arranged and also covered as a scheduled product.

Particular sorts of residential property have been especially identified as not covered since they are ineligible for protection under Inland Marine kinds (vehicles created for and principally utilized on public roadways) or are more appropriately covered by various other protection forms (airplane, watercraft and structure materials).

Other restrictions deal with amazing scenarios which have to be financed on a case by instance basis; as an example, waterborne and also underground exposures, equipment such as scaffolding as well as replacement components which are extremely susceptible to theft or possibly qualified for insurance coverage by various other insurance, and tools leased, loaned, or leased to others without a driver or a contract with the other celebration establishing their responsibility or contractors without being informed.

Contractor’s Equipment

Specialist’s Equipment on a work site, picture taken by Randi Glazer|Source

Standard Contractor’s Equipment Coverage Extensions

Protection Extensions
The insurance coverage form consists of expansions which provide added quantities of insurance coverage in numerous scenarios. These extensions of insurance coverage are consisted of immediately.

Recently Purchased Items: This expansion provides coverage on newly purchased equipment for around 30 days. The limit of insurance Is on a per loss (not per item) basis. The guaranteed need to report purchases within 30 days. Premium is due from the day of purchase. Failing to report the purchase within 30 days terminates insurance coverage for the thing.

Obtained Items: Provides insurance coverage for up to $1000 on things borrowed from others while in the property of the guaranteed, if the insured is legally accountable. This extension covers the more regular exchanges of devices that could happen among specialists at a task website.

Debris Removal: Provides up to $5000 for cost to get rid of residential property damaged by a covered loss. This is especially valuable in failure situations where the insured is compensated for the physical damage around the limit of insurance policy for the item yet still should dispose of the particles.

Replacement Items: This extension pays for the expense to rent out tools to temporarily change damaged protected building. Protection is provided if a substitute item is required to continue work in progression at the time of loss and if the insured does not have similar still equipment offered to continue operations. Insurance coverage is also offered on the rented replacement devices for approximately the quantity specified in the affirmations. Protection for the rental expense begins 24 one hours after the loss is reported and ends when the damaged devices is changed, fixed, or the substitute item Is no longer had to continue operations. Protection on the replacement thing begins when the loss is reported and also ends when rental expenses end unless the insured Is lawfully accountable for transportation.

Various other Important Policy Conditions

Exclusions: The protection kind identifies various losses which are not covered. These consist of wear and also tear, rust, freezing, getting too hot, mechanical or electric malfunction as well as loss triggered by work being done on the devices. Nevertheless, if damage by a covered source of loss (i.e., fire, explosion, and so on) follows the resulting loss is covered.

Coverage Territory: The insurance coverage area Includes all states, Puerto Rico, and Canada. Transportation to or from Hawaii as well as Puerto Rico is specifically not covered.

Coinsurance: Based on 80% of real cash value and is put on each detailed Item separately, while put on non listed products in total. To determine whether a coinsurance fine is to use in a loss entailing unlisted Items the actual cash value of all unpublished things is made use of. In a loss to a listed item the fine, if any, is determined based upon the value of that product just.

A coinsurance penalty is not put on tools leased or leased from others unless the product was specifically scheduled.

Optimum Amount of Payment: Limits our responsibility in any one event and also must be gone into in the statements. The Limit should realistically mirror the demands of the individual account and suffice to cover any concentration of values. It is not necessarily planned to mirror complete worths, specifically on larger schedules given that retention and reinsurance considerations are regularly based on this limit. It may not be required to make use of and sustain the expense of reinsurance unless essential.

Service provider’s Equipment

Contractor’s Equipment at a task website, picture taken by Randi Glazer|Resource


Fire is accountable for the largest amount of losses. Generally, fires are started because of inappropriate maintenance practices which can result in leakages from fuel and also hydraulic lines that are stired up by hot engines or reckless smoking cigarettes, incorrect fueling of tools, and also brush or particles buildup under or near tools.

One more area of concern is spray painting, repair job and also welding centers which do not fulfill NFPA standards. While it is necessary to identify as well as fix these issues it is additionally vital to have public and/or private defense offered to produce fires need to they occur. In addition to preserving an intermediary with fire departments near task as well as storage space websites, fire extinguishers of the appropriate dimension and kind need to be readily available whatsoever times.

Burglary as well as Vandalism

Losses from theft and criminal damage can offer a severe trouble. lndustry-wide, service providers sustain over of $300 million in losses annually as a result of theft as well as criminal damage of tools.

Preventative measures taken by the insured have to suffice in connection with the worths in jeopardy, sensitivity of the equipment to loss, and where the property is being used or saved. Ideally, it is most ideal to bring the tools back to a safeguarded storage yard or building. The rise in transit direct exposure to bring devices back to the yard is usually less than the theft and also criminal damage exposure if the items are left at an unsecured job website. When this is not viable various other safety and security safety measures Include: hidden ignition cut-off switches, alarm systems, securing liquid caps, paralyzing devices at night or on weekends by removal of indispensable engine parts, website illumination and also fence, and watch company.

Despite safety measures taken, some thefts of service providers devices will occur. Healing rates are low. To help with insurance claims recuperation, an existing supply of all equipment need to be maintained by the service provider.

In addition to information required on the plan, the following will help in negotiation and recuperation efforts: initial day of acquisition, initial price (including devices), year of manufacture, serial and/or identification numbers with the place of these numbers on the tools, full description consisting of size, weight, model and name, or even a photo of the tools. Some specialists painting their equipment in unique ways in order to help recovery initiatives (this additionally functions as a deterrent to burglary oftentimes). Anything that differentiates the tools
from others ought to be noted in the stock.

Insureds ought to be encouraged to guard devices. Criminal damage and stolen tools triggers delays in completion of jobs, settlement of deductibles, enhances in insurance coverage prices, or even the failure to protect insurance coverage. In addition, this will negatively influence the insured’s business.


Transportation is included with all sorts of devices whether on trailers or under the devices’s very own electrical power. Think about the encounter of the motorists as well as people packing the devices, whether courses are planned to spot low overpasses and narrow or winding roads, if companion cars are utilized with over-sized tons, devices is chocked and also chains made use of as tie downs are in sufficient problem. NOTE: Many building and construction companies make use of outdoors trucking companies to carry equipment.

The truckers qualifications and duty for loss or damage ought to be fully investigated. Some professionals intend to carry equipment for others either as a cottage or a way to produce extra revenue. The Contractors Equipment Coverage Form does not cover loss or damages to devices of others moved by our guaranteed unless the tools was rented or rented out by the insured and also the plan so supporteded.